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Office of the Bursar
The University of Mississippi

Campus Based Loan Programs

How do I apply for a Campus Based Loan?

The Office of Financial Aid awards all campus based loans.

How do I complete Loan Exit Counseling?

If you received a Perkins, Health Professional, McKinstry, Luckyday, Scribner, or other institutional loans from The University of Mississippi, you are required to complete loan exit counseling upon graduation or separation from the University. Please note that a separate loan exit counseling is required if you received a Direct Student Loan.

How do I consolidate my loans?

Federal loans received from various sources may be eligible for consolidation into one loan. Please contact the W. D. Ford Direct Loan Program for consolidation information regarding your Subsidized or Unsubsidized Student Loans. McKinstry Loans and other Institutional loans are not federal loans and therefore are not eligible for consolidation under these programs.

What are my rights and responsibilities as a borrowers?

  • The borrower is responsible for informing the institution immediately of any change of name, address, or telephone number.
  • The borrower has the right to forbearance or deferment and may qualify for cancellation benefits.
  • The borrower is responsible for contacting the institution in a timely manner before the due date of any payment he or she cannot make.

For other questions on Campus Based Loan Programs, contact the Loan Department in the Office of the Bursar by telephone at (662) 915-5099 or (662) 915-5096, or by sending an e-mail to