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Office of the Bursar
The University of Mississippi

Summary of Registration/Fee Payment Process

Registration Dates

  • Everyone is encouraged to register during the Phase 1 Registration Period as there are benefits to you as well as to the University.
  • You benefit because it costs less to register during Phase 1. You also stand a better chance of getting the classes that you really want.
  • By registering as soon as possible during Phase 1, you enable the University to determine at a much earlier time when to add sections to those high demand courses.
  • Please check Academic Calendar for Registration Dates.

Nonrefundable Registration Fee

As an incentive to encourage students to register early, the University will waive the registration fee for students who register during Phase 1. The fee is also waived if you are a newly admitted student registering at Ole Miss for the first time.

  • Phase 1 Registration Period
    • Fee is Waived
  • Phase 2 Registration Period
    • $50 Registration fee
  • Phase 3 Registration Period
    • $100 Registration Fee

Tuition and Fee Payment

The Office of the Bursar mails out statements monthly on accounts that have outstanding balances.  These statements are mailed out after the month end with a due date of the 15th of the next month.  The billing and due dates for tuition and fees (housing, meal plan, special course fees, international student fees/insurance, and registration fees) occur on the following dates (or the previous working day if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday):

Term Billing Date Due Date
Fall July 31 August 15
Winter Intersession and Spring November 30 December 15
May Intersession, Full and First Summer April 30 May 15
Second Summer May 31 June 15
August Intersession May 31 July 15

** If payment is not received by the due date, a monthly 1.5 percent service fee will be assessed on the unpaid balance of tuition and fees and other outstanding charges.  Partial payments may be made during the enrollment period; however, the account must be current in order to register for future enrollment periods.  “Current” means that tuition and fees for the current and previous enrollment periods are paid in full and all other charges are less than 30 days old.  The University reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration for nonpayment of tuition and fees for a previous enrollment period.

Distribution of Excess Financial Aid Checks

Refund checks issued by the Office of the Bursar will either be direct deposited into a bank account of your choice or mailed to the individual’s billing address or the standard address if there is no billing address identified.  Refunds created from Parent Plus loans go directly to the parent.  Refund checks cannot be picked up in person. If you choose direct deposit, we will send an electronic file to your bank up to five days prior to the first day of classes. Your funds will be available on the next business day.

Financial Aid refunds issued by check will only be processed one time per week, usually on Wednesdays. Financial Aid refunds issued by direct deposit will continue to be processed on a daily basis. Students are strongly encouraged to setup direct deposit for quick processing of their refunds.