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Office of the Bursar
The University of Mississippi

Refund Information

Financial Aid issued by checks are only processed one time per week, usually on Wednesdays.  Financial Aid refunds issued by direct deposit are processed on a daily basis.  Students are strongly encouraged to set up direct deposit for quicker processing of their refunds.  Student direct deposit can be set up at

Refund for Withdrawal Before Classes Begin

Students who withdraw prior to the first day of classes for the semester will receive a credit for 100 percent refund of tuition, fees (with the exception of the nonrefundable registration fee), housing, and any remaining balance on meal plans or Ole Miss Express.

Refunds for Withdrawal on or after the first day of classes

Students who withdraw on or after the first day of classes must withdraw during the refund period in order to receive a refund (see withdrawal dates). Students who withdraw from UM during the refund period, will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition less a processing fee of up to a $100.00.

Students who drop from full-time to part-time status during the refund period, will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition for the difference between full-time and part-time. During the Fall/Spring semesters, because 12 – 19 hours are assessed the same full-time rate, a refund is not applicable for drops within this range.

Please go to the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal periods for dropping a course for the purpose of avoiding grade liability.

Withdrawal Dates

Term Withdrawal Period
Fall / Spring During the first 10 days of the term
Intersessions (Two Week Terms) During the first two days of the term
Full Summer Term (Eight Week Term) During the first five days of the term
First / Second Summer Term (Four Week Terms) During the first three days of the term


Important Information

  • Students must officially withdraw from the University if they register for classes and then decide not to attend Ole Miss. A student is considered as registered once a class schedule is secured.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the University. Failure to withdraw before the end of the 100% refund period will result in charges for tuition and fees being posted to the student’s account.
  • Students who fail to withdraw will receive a grade of “F” on their official University transcript for the term of non-attendance.
  • Students receiving financial aid who drop/withdraw from classes may be responsible for repayment of loans and other financial assistance that they may have received.
  • Students withdrawing after the refund period, will receive a ten dollar charge for each drop/add.

Appeal for Exception to the Tuition Refund Policy

Due to extenuating circumstances, students may petition for consideration of a tuition refund not provided for in the University’s Refund Policy. Petitions with complete details of the situation including supporting documentation should be sent to the Office of the Bursar within one year of the first day of class for the semester for which the appeal is being made. Appeals can be submitted through our online appeal portal.   If you do not have access to our online appeal portal, you can also submit a paper appeal form.