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Office of the Bursar
The University of Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

Can student organizations use Marketplace?

No.  Student organizations do not have oversight by the UM Bursar, therefore, they cannot be set up to use the University’s Central Marketplace.

My department is concerned about storage of sensitive data (credit card numbers).  Is the Marketplace a secure payment (PCI compliant) system?

Credit card information should not be stored on any computer or other electronic device.

What would my item look like if I put it in UM Central Marketplace?

Click here to see other UM Items that are set up in our test site.

What forms of credit cards does the UM Central Marketplace accept?

Visa and Mastercard are accepted forms of payment.  Discover and American Express are NOT accepted by the University of Mississippi.

What type of UM Accounts can be used to receive credit card revenue?

Acceptable Account Types

  • BA 25 Account – preferred
  • BA 70 Account – in some circumstances

Unacceptable Account Types

  • BA 10 Account
  • Any account that has a “119” in the 4th-6th digit (For example, 250119383A is not acceptable as these are for course fee revenues and related expenses only.)

Will I have to charge and remit sales tax on purchases made through the UM Central Marketplace?

If you are accepting registrations only and not receiving payment for ANY tangible items, you will not be responsible for charging or remitting sales tax.

What if I missed the 30 day deadline for submitting my Item Request Form?  Can I still get an item set up?

Possibly, depending on staff availability at the time and for an additional fee.  If you require an item to be available for purchase within the next 30 days, you will need to submit an Item Request Form as soon as possible for review.  Once your item is reviewed, we will communicate to you regarding the date your item would be able to be available for purchase.  You will not be charged the $100 administrative fee until both parties agree on a date for a rush item request to be available for purchase.