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Office of the Bursar
The University of Mississippi

Prepaid Plans

The Office of the Bursar bills for all prepaid tuition plans. In order for students to receive their prepaid plan, they must notify their prepaid plan administrators that they will be attending Ole Miss. In addition, they should contact Linda James in the Office of the Bursar via phone at 800-891-4596 or email at

Mississippi MPACT Plan

Students who have the MPACT plan should forward a copy of their MPACT cards to the Office of the Bursar. Nonresident students who have an MPACT plan that was purchased by their parents while the parent was a Mississippi resident OR if their grandparents purchased the plan and are currently Mississippi residents may be eligible for an MPACT nonresident award on their financial aid package.

There is a misconception that nonresidents receiving MPACT have their out-of-state fees waived. In reality, for those who are eligible, there is an MPACT nonresident award that is part of the student’s financial aid package that credits the out-of-state charges on the student’s bursar account.

Other State Plans

Students with prepaid plans must contact the Office of the Bursar. Once we are notified of the existence of the plan, typically we will contact the plan administrator to determine the amount that the entity will pay per hour and receive authorization to bill.

Billing for non-Mississippi prepaid plans is invoiced after the last day to drop/add for the semester.

Financial Aid

Prepaid tuition plans will not appear as a financial aid award. However, students must contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss how the plan will affect their financial aid package. All students who have prepaid plans must complete the Prepaid Tuition Documentation Plan Form with the Office of Financial Aid if they plan to receive federal aid.

Winter Intersession and Summer Terms

Students who have a prepaid plan with remaining hours will automatically have their plans charged for the term enrolled. If students or parents do not want to use their prepaid plan for winter intersession or the summer terms, they must contact the Office of the Bursar before the beginning of the term.